Uber Headquarters HQ Office Address, Phone Number, Email ID

Uber Headquarters HQ, mailing and postal office address is given with the Uber contact telephone number, fax number and email address. Uber headquarters HQ and customer service department provides help and support to the customers during the working hours and after business hours through emails, phones and online. Various customers are looking for Uber address or customer service phone number of Uber, Uber toll free phone number, customer support contact number and helpline number of Uber. Uber Technologies Inc. is a global transportation technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States, operating in 633 cities worldwide.

If you want to more information about trendy range of Uber products and services including Uber headquarters HQ office and customer service number, 24 hours phone number of Uber, addresses of Uber. So you can call their customer service team and call centre to receive a prompt resolution related issue you might have.

Here listed Uber Phone Number, to be able to contact Uber headquarters HQ and customer care department. You can contact the Uber Customer Support at the following Uber Contact Number to get information about your Uber Product or to receive help regarding any Uber Support you may need.

Uber Headquarters HQ Office Contact Details

Uber mailing / postal and corporate office address, Uber toll free number, customer care service helpline number, corporate headquarters HQ office address of Uber, customer support number and email id is given with official web page links, social profiles, ratings and reviews.

Bower USA Headquarters HQ Office Address

Uber Customer Service Phone Number:

Customer Service Number: 1-866-576-1039

Uber Boston toll free service number: 1-857 350-3785

Rand Mcnally Gps toll free service number: 1-800-234-4069

Verizon Philadelphia toll free service number: 1-215-238-2600

Above maintained number is not toll free helpline number of Uber. So, the users will be charged with normal calling rates. The telephonic customer support number of Uber is available during the working hours.

Uber Customer Service Email ID: Click here

This is the customer support email id of Uber. Uber email support is available 24 x 7 and you can expect their reply within 24 hours.

Boohoo Headquarters HQ Office Address

Uber Headquarters

Uber Headquarters HQ Office Address and Contact Numbers:

This is the physical, postal, payment and mailing office address of Uber is listed below. Customers can contact to the company for any query to this address of Uber.

Uber Corporate Office Address: 1455 Market St #400, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

Uber Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-866-576-1039

Uber Corporate Office Fax Number: 1-877-223-8023

Uber Corporate Office Email ID: Click here

Uber Official Website: www.uber.com

Uber Social Profiles:




Uber Online Help and Support Links:



The many users of Uber are searching how to contact Uber customer support? What is the phone number of Uber? What is the head office address of Uber? What is email id of Uber? What is the toll free number 1800 of Uber? So, as this post we are sharing Uber contact details like contact phone numbers, email addresses, social and official page links, authorized support or service centres, dealers, retail stores and many more.

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  1. I have tried to input my visa card number and it responds that my card is invalid, which it is not.
    I have tried several times to re enter it with no success and now trying to contact customer service is even more of a task. Very discouraging
    to have to encounter so much just to get a ride and have no assistance in solving the issue.

  2. you owe me money $648.12 to be exact over a period of six months I have the tracing numbers stating in (Dec. 2016 12/20 to 12/27 amnt; $62.81 028000083108174 (1/3 to 1/10 amnt; $ 6.37 028000084296953 (1/10 to 1/17 amnt; $138.72 028000082295108 (1/17 to 1/24 amnt; $82.72 028000087343659 (1/24 to 1/31 amnt; $269.78 028000084427983 (2/14 to 2/21 amnt; $2.50 028000087880625 (2/21 to 2/28 amnt; $2.25 028000083496924 (3/7 to 3/14 amnt; $4.75 028000080479941 (4/25 to 5/2 amnt; $18.13 028000088945356 (5/9 to 5/16 amnt; $41.71 028000083908493 I would like to be addressed emediately this is so discouraging that you will not correct into my bank account routing number# 121042882 account# 5959315457 metabank does not know me to which you deposited into an account that does not exist had metabank on phone same time talking face to face with Uber associate how can you deposit money you owe me into an account that does not exist i really would like to know please correct what you owe me into my bank account Wells Fargo accountt # 5959315457 Routing # 121042882 i had plans for that money so i hussled for that money i worked hard for not to just throw away soooo this is my last attempt to collect if i keep getting dicked around i am presssured to go to the news about this and let them know you have a ring going on stealing from your drivers wages i have no other choice in the matter and only keep going back and forth with texting and nothing being done you keep blowing me off and off do the right thing or no one is going to want to drive for a scam of a company you are pissed off and angry Michelle Lacombe

  3. Uber support is terrible
    They make up stories about problems that don’t exsist. They refuse to give answer what should be simple questions such as were to wait for rides at certain airports. They loose trips for days then treat you like a fool because they can’t figure out what they did wrong. I can’t go for more than a day now without having a problem with a uber trip. And it’s never the rider. It’s always bad programming in the app. Terrible company. It’s clear they don’t want live drivers. Since they refuse to professionally resolve issues with their app.

  4. Uber is a scam ….Uber exploits their drivers weekly and manipulate the app for their own benefit ….I am an Uber driver I have contacted their corporate office via email and phone no solution no feedback they really don’t even care at all …..my story …..I am a single dad with an oldest daughter in college I work a day job and Uber every night to support my family …Uber will deduct whatever ? for their side and hold on to my earnings until the last minute ….some rides I have completed are not paid fully this is an issue that happens weekly I complain weekly nothing happens when I ask to speak to a supervisor I am told none are available when I ask for the CSR reps name or extension I am refused to be given the information…..I don’t even know why I am writing this because I doubt that Uber cares enough to read this ….I feel like I am being taking advantage of and exploited ….I am beyond frustrated and uber will be exposed ….it’s hard to hide forever with social media ….I have enough documentation to show ubers true colors towards their drivers ….karma is very real …

    PS: Uber is a scam

  5. I have been trying to reach uber since Sunday evening at 8.pm 06/18/2017.But I haven’t head from them and its Tuesday now ,I don’t have any other choice but to do this.I had $116. in my uber account that was supposed to be paid to me this week,but some how they managed to transfer it to a instant pay account and card number ending in 2068 .First of all I did not sign up for instant pay and secondly card number ending in 2068 is not my card. I have sent so many messages ,but no one is responding its really frustrating .I don’t know what else to do to get through to this people.

  6. I have a relative with same issue. When a direct deposit goes to a closed or nonexistent account it goes back to sender-Uber. Sounds as though their banking is not up to date or they have a fraud issue/scam happening. They seem to be happy to keep employees earnings rather than pay them!

  7. I took a ride with Uber at 945 am and at 30t pm was charged a 150$ cleaning fee for a few dusty figure prints on the seat that can be wiped off in about 30 seconds with a damp napkin. They said they resolved the issue but only took 70$ off of what i was charged. After reviewing thier cleaning policy which is a level 1.2.3. Or 4 . i was charged for a level 4 150$ cleaning that is for heavily bodily fluids, blood etc. From what i read and saw in the pictures i dont think i should have been charged anything at all. This is absolutly rediculous and i will be taking my business elseware if it cannot be resolved properly.

  8. Hi im from namibia and id like to have ubber in my country too i would just like som help or info on who to talk to?

  9. I am going to be writing the Corporate office today sending via certified mail. If there is no response then they can explain themselves in court- Problem solved!

  10. I would like to reach a live person to answer my question for my new account. However, I have found 3 phone numbers but none of them lead me to a live person. (1800-3538237, 1866-5761039, 415-9862104)
    Anyone know a way to reach Uber customer service?

  11. My husband is the #1 rated Uber driver in NJ and his account has been hacked into not once, not twice but almost 8 different times. Four of those times has happened over a course of 3 days. He has followed all instructions Uber support has told him and it continues to happen. The hacker has stolen over $300 from my husband and Uber refuses to reimburse him. Every time my husband updates his InstaPay account information the hacker goes in and changes the password and our debit card information. Uber has no explanation and they cannot give him any confirmation that this will be put to a stop. He has emailed Uber support and has talked to them on numerous occasions and they still refuse to help him. They are trying to say it is my husbands fault that this has happened. Give me a break. That’s a joke! We have offered to provide them with whatever they would need from our bank to prove that this is not our doing. He enjoys working for Uber very much because it has provided our family with extra income we so desperately needed but after this happening and feeling like he has been invaded and taken advantage of it has changed his whole outlook of Uber. We have contacted a lawyer and are in the process of going to the police. We are not going to give up on this. My husband is entitled to his earnings.

  12. My husband is contacting Channel 6 news tomorrow because someone has hacked into his account quite a few times and has stolen money from him and Uber refuses to help.

  13. Uber has what must be the world’s worst customer service. Can never speak to the same person twice about a problem and then responses you do receive are obviously cans pre-written responses. The worst company ever to deal with.

  14. I need my acct open…i dont drink nor smoke…these accusations are false…ME AND MY 3 KIDS ARE HUNGRY. AND SITTING IN THIS HEAT…WAITING ON YALL….I NEED TO FEED MY KIDS AND PAY FOR THE ROOM…UBER HAS PUT ME AND MY FAMILY IN A HOMELESS SPOT….I NEED MY ACCT…I KEEP BEING TOLD THE ADVANCE TEAM WILL CALLL…I STILL HAVENT HEARD BACK FROM NOBODY…AND ITS BEEN 4 DAYS …uber is ripping everybody off and dont care…they owe me over 1000 dollars…and keep playing with me i think its lawsuit time

  15. We are going thru the same thing…havent received my boost payments in 3 months…but they sneek afew in like i got them when i didnt…this COMPANY A BIG SCAM

  16. My driver Billy was the worst driver in New braunfels TX he threw me an my son out of his car cursed me out calling me a fatass an left us in the middle of nowhere because he made a wrong turn an got upset

  17. UBUR Thanks for nothing.I needed to go to emergency room before a comma happened 600 blood sugar count. for some reason I hit car pool . many previous rides . 1st the driver says he’s in the Denny’s parking lot & wants me to walk to him across University ave & behind shops. I tell him to please hurry. Then he stops for gas with me in the car. Then we head to Hospital for a couple minutes but U Turns from west to east . I panic but he says he has another fare to pick up. Driver then presides to take this fellow to airport first . After I start to call 911 he changes his mind. I tried the Uber app to have someone call me back but every email from them kept saying the exact same words like they never read what I said to them. Until they have a maned complaint phone number I’ll use Lift or a cab

  18. I haven’t even begun driving and already being dickd over, if you have hired a lawyer let me know. I believe a class action suit is in the works.

  19. I’ve been been an Uber driver for 2 years over 4000 trips and have waiting for a vehicle thru Uber Xchange leasing in Boston for 6 months i keep getting the dick around I’ve been approved since April I’ve gotten 10 different stories told I was on a waiting list then told there was no waiting list telling me they have no inventory they’ve run several unauthorized credit checks after the initial authorized credit check in April that got approved yet they haven’t even produced a vehicle…also they’re telling me it’s a 400$ processing fee yet on every advertised thing I’ve read it says 250$…so much for 180 days of change…Kalnanick might of been a dickhead and immature but at least when he was running things shit got done this new Uber it’s not gonna last nobody got a clue….

  20. i had 3 issues with uber and this is ridiculous, there is no number to contact to get a hold of someone that can fix these issues, NEED SOMEONE TO HELP AND GET THIS FIX ASAP

    Not the phone center with people whole can’t to crap about crap the HQ I am unable to drive and it is effecting my family’s income.

  22. I call the uber phone support . I had an issue that needed to be resolved and instead I got some one that refused to understand the issue . plus argued with me for 30 minutes when I asked to speak to someone else until I finally got tired of arguing and gave up . through all off that I still did not get my issue resolved .

  23. We too had problem with getting paid from Uber when we were signed up for direct deposit. The deposit for $123 never showed up at bank. We have been texting back and forth with Uber driver support and they keep giving canned responses and aren’t addressing questions or comments made in texts. There is also no phone number for Uber to be found on the Internet and the customer service number is a message directing you to their website. The corporate number is constantly busy. From what I am reading it sounds like we can forget about ever receiving that money. I can’t believe someone hasn’t already started a class action lawsuit against Uber. Probably because people driving for Uber are usually middle to lower class folks needing to make extra cash to get by in this horrid economy and can’t afford to hire an attorney. If someone does, I’m in.

  24. Uber is a thief. They won’t give me the money they Omie, and when I try to talk to management they give me the runaround and won’t put me through to management. I’m done working for this company and I’m going to report them to Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General.

  25. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED BY YOUR SERVICE. Your company ripped my daughter off!!! Will be contacting your corporate office!

  26. I drove for Uber and a random person ordered me with a stolen creditcard. Uber thinks that I have planned this and blocked my account. Now I’m here 1 year later still trying to resolve this problem. Nobody is helping. I have no clue what to do

  27. I have a million dollar idea that will take uber to the next level like UberEATS did. Contact me 7328812144 marlon hart

  28. do you allow a person to register as a driver and have multiple other people register and you pay only 1 driver and he pays the other drivers? (such as acting as a sub contractor)

  29. I took a Medical leave last year at that time my star rating was 4.75 which is Uber select I have a 2014 srx I came back one year later and for some reason my rate drop to 4.73 which is for Uber x I called the customer service and they told me that that I hade to drive a few trips as Uber x which I did to so call bring my rate back up to 4.75 BUT what they said to me was remarkable they told me that they could not bring the rate up from the c0mputer in other words I had to keep driving as Uber x until the rate goes up to me this a BAD company to work for they do not care about there drivers

  30. Its very fitting that Uber would have a Lyft advertisement on its page. The app is unduly burdensome and there is no support or customer service to be found. It took over 87 minutes 37 seconds for a person to try and figure out why hey updated my account documents, communicated i could go online then she said upload the same documents they already received. Then when you try and send more documents or emails they provide no such service unless you go through nearly 2.5 hours of click here and there with no choice towards a resolution. I have been a driver with an acceptance rate of over 98% and an overall rating of 4.97 since signing on with Uber since January. Now its nice to have friends that have showed me how to keep giving a Lyft to those in need…Uber, I challenge you to contact me directly within 24 hours for resolution!

  31. I worked for Uber for over a year did 1997 rides hauled over 3000 people safe point A to B had 1800 five star rides all kinds of compliments. Picked up a rider who had been drinking and figured he would get a free ride by complaining. Everything he said was not true. I did not get a fare investigation. I went out of my way for my riders, Took pride in being a Uber driver. All I ask is give my record a look. Just want my app back.

  32. uber customer service in EGYPT are the worst and the lackest people I have ever dealt with in my entire life. The supervisors dont give a rotten shit about helping the drivers in resolving thier simple issue. all they do is copy and paste an automated response and keep closing the request as if your insignificant to them . even if your request is to Pay UBER the money they owe you . they dont even care about reflecting the current balance to be paid through the payment services in EGYPT like fawry. they would rather make the drivers in debt than helping them with clearing it.. they’re going to bring the company to earth.

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